Residential, Commercial and Farming Solar Systems

South Africans continue to be plagued by high energy costs and unreliable electricity supply. Solar energy continually proves to be the new frontier with regards to energy provision as households, as well as companies, continue pushing the envelope when it comes to alternative sources of energy.

Think of us as your solar partner.  We offer flexible and tailormade solar solutions to fit your needs and budget.

Residential Solar and Battery Solutions

On-grid System

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Grid Independence
  • NO batteries and therefore cost effective
  • Back-up batteries can be added later
  • Grow your system over time
  • Remote Management

Hybrid System

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Grid Independence
  • Grow your system over time with our scalable solution
  • State of the art batteries deliver longest life at lowest cost
  • Remote Management

Commercial and Farming Solar Solutions

Find out about our PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for commercial, business and farming. Get a solar system installed at no cost and only pay for the electricity that you use. Our Asset Management Team provides 24/7 performance monitoring, maintenance and insurance.

This is risk free solar with zero upfront costs. A PPA is simply an agreement that is signed between the business owner and the solar services provider and works on the basis of a rental.  The business owner only pays for the electricity used at an agreed upon tariff that is cheaper than their existing electricity provider. This tariff increases annually at a fixed escalation allowing businesses to accurately predict future electricity costs.

Some of the Products we use


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